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Penrose Estate,


“The Penroses were here for at least 500 years but sold to the Rogers in 1771.  The latter gave it to the National Trust in 1974.  During WWII Penrose House was used first by the British Army, then the Americans.  Loe Bar was mined and booms prevented enemy seaplanes landing.  Lower Pentire (now holiday rental) was a centre for torpedo research.  This is a delightful place for an easy walk - nowhere do you climb to more than 100 feet and tracks are in good order.  Where the River Cober leaves Helston it would be marsh were its course not contained by man.  The marsh around it is filled with water tolerant trees, mostly alder and willow -  a bit eerie and like a mangrove swamp. “More… © Copyright Oliver Howes 2010

This is one of my favourite rambles. It is possible to walk right around Loe pool and divert to Porthleven for lunch (app.12 miles).

Only the western side of the pool, from Helston to the coast, about a mile short of Porthleven is accessible to mobility shooters (about 6 miles return). However this is well worth the trip.

The first 1.5 miles, from Helston is mainly flat and mostly metalled. There is a stretch of about 800m which isn’t. It is a little rough but all our medium and large scooters managed it fine.

The National Trust is making an excellent job of repairing the surface and hope to have it fully metalled, as far as their office by.2013.

From the NT office to the coast is unmetalled and quite rough in places. We managed it with care on medium and large scooters.

We found that particular care was needed going down the hill and around the first sharp left hand bend, south of the NT office. We found it best to keep to the outside of the bend.

For those without a large scooter a Tramper is available for hire under the countryside mobility scheme details Here

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