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Tehidy Country Park

This is a real triumph for Cornwall County Council. There are a variety of wheel chair/scooter friendly routes with a cafe and disabled toilets.

CCC have been very helpful in making routes accessible and most of the larger paths are, with medium to large scooters.

Of particular note.

Our members have successfully navigated the circular route around the lake and the pine walk, leading to Feadon farm on quite small scooters. And I have done the Pine walk on my indoor/outdoor power chair.

Oak Wood is very nice but the top gets muddy in wet weather and I have never managed to get all around the top in even the best of weather due to tree trunks. An adventurous person on a Tramper MIGHT manage it.

The path from Otter bridge up to Kennels Cottage is steep with drainage channels running across and down the RHS (going up) care and a fairly large scooter are needed here. An alternative for smaller scooters is to go through the large kissing gate at the bottom of south drive. Large scooters may have difficulty here but it is possible if you reverse in at an angle and drive out.

The short piece of path from the top of the Otter Bridge path to Kennels Cottage and the rangers office that leads to north cliffs is particularly uneven.

From pine walk it is possible to cross the road (care, fast traffic) and go down to Portreath and join the coast to coast path.



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